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Grammar is important in writing because it produces easy understanding for your readers. Lots of people want to read something that does not contain mistakes, so if you want to stop committing grammar mistakes, here is what you need to do.

Free Grammar Checker: Basic Grammar Mistakes Learn about It

  • Affect vs. effect: Affect means influence while effect is the result of something. If you know about it, you will not ever make mistakes again that is why you need to know the difference of the two so that you know how to use it properly.
  • Impact: This word is a noun and it is not a verb. You can have impact on something but you can’t impact something.
  • There, they’re and their: Lots of people are making mistakes about this. You need to use there in referring to location, they’re when you will say “they are” and their in indicating possession.
  • Irregardless: There are individuals using this but you should know that this word does not exist. The right word to use is regardless.
  • You’re and your: This is another mistake that people make. You use ‘you’re’ when you like to say you are and when you like to use your, it means that you are referring to something. For instance, your business.
  • Less vs. fewer: This is another mistake wherein the word less is referring to quantity and the fewer is referring to number.
  • Quotation marks: You should know that the comma and period always go inside it.

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Many people are having mistakes in their paper and it is essential that you know the difference between such words to craft a wonderful essay or article for your readers. Start to know the differences of the words or to get a help from online grammar checkers on the web.

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