English Grammar Corrector Helps You Create a Perfect Text

check english grammar onlineAs an English student, one of the biggest challenges you may be having is how to improve your grammar, and one of the things to do for that matter is to check English grammar online. Aside from being easy to use, it can help you improve your grammar with some tips it could show you, like the ones below.

English Grammar Corrector Tips for Better Grammar

  • The use of “’s and s’”: the first one is for a single person or object and the second one is for use when there are multiple objects or people.
  • The use of affect and effect: remember that affect means to influence, while effect means a result. Do not interchange them, or you will end up with wrong sentence.
  • Usage of farther and further: first one is to measure length or distance, while the other means more of.
  • Usage of his/her/their: first two is used for a single person, while their is used to mean claimed or possessed by a group.
  • I and Me: the first is used for referring to oneself, while the latter is used to refer to oneself after using a verb.
  • It’s and Its: remember only use the first for meaning it is or it has, while ‘its’ when referring to something belonging to something.
  • Than and then: first is used when showing a comparison between two people or objects or places, while ‘then’ refers to sequence.
  • Their, there and they’re: first one is used when meaning claimed by a group; ‘there’ refers to a place; and ‘they’re’ is the short form of ‘they are.’
  • Who and That: ‘who’ signifies a person, while ‘that’ means non-human.
  • ‘Who’s’ and ‘whose’: first one means who is, while the second means belonging to someone.

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