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The time you know about grammar rules, you will not create mistakes in writing. You can be a good writer because you know the rules and you can avoid it. If you want to ensure that you master the rules, read this post.

Grammar Checking Rules for Noun Identification

By definition, a noun is a person, thing, place, animal, activity or idea.

For instance:

  • Person: Peter
  • Place: Philippines
  • Thing: Table
  • Animal: Cat
  • Quality: Width
  • Activity: Navigation
  • Idea: Independence

Types of nouns: there are different nouns that you should know. The names of specific places, people and things such as Philippines or Peter are proper nouns. General names such as house or table are common nouns. It can be abstract or concrete. If the certain object is concrete wherein you touch or see it such as chair or phone, it’s a concrete noun. When it’s an idea or quality such as justice or freedom, it’s an abstract noun.

Count nouns: count nouns are anything which can be counted. It can be plural or singular.

For instance:

  • Singular – automobile
  • Plural – automobiles
  • Singular – table
  • Plural – tables
  • Singular – dog
  • Plural – dogs

Mass nouns: these are nouns that can’t be counted and they don’t have a plural form such as money, sand, and freedom.

Collective nouns: this refers to the group of things or people. Unlike the mass nouns, collective nouns can be counted and have plural forms.

For example:

  • Singular- staff
  • Plural-staffs

These are some of the grammar rules that you need to know. If you want to master it all, check online for good resources. You need to exert time and effort so that you can able to write without committing any mistakes.

Checking Grammar Online Tools

checking grammarIt is better when you rely on English grammar corrector tools online because some of them are free and easy to use. It definitely checks for errors which means it will definitely help you. If you do not want to disappoint your readers, use the best tools.

Grammar checker online free without knowing the grammar rules is a difficult thing that is why you should learn the rules. It is necessary that you be aware of it to provide the best essay to your readers. Get started today!

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